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Law Careers
A law degree can open the door to a wide variety of careers. Lawyers play an important role in society through the practice of law, which encompasses a multitude of activities. A strong education in law school also provides the ability to pursue employment opportunities outside of the legal profession in areas such as politics and business.
The practice of law takes several forms. The ways in which lawyers apply their expertise can be broadly categorized into the following practice types:

Types of Legal Practice

* Private Practice:  involves working alone or with partners in a firm to provide legal services to clients (individuals or corporations); some lawyers specialize in one or more practice areas while others engage in general practice.

* Public Interest Law: serves low-income individuals, marginalized groups and social causes; practitioners may work for advocacy groups, legal aid clinics and other organizations with the goal of advancing an interest of the public.

* Government Counsel:  governments hire lawyers for legal advice and representation; lawyers directly employed by the government may work for ministries, government agencies and crown corporations.

* Corporate Counsel:
corporations can employ lawyers as in-house counsel; an in-house counsel works for a single company to advise on      legal matters related to its business activities.
Other Career Opportunities

The skills required for a law career can also be successfully employed in other professions. Law school education is very versatile and some students decide to pursue alternative careers upon graduation. Even lawyers who have been practicing for several years sometimes transition into other careers.

A law degree can enable entry into many careers outside of the legal profession, including the following:

  • Broadcasting
  • Business
  • Civil Service
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Journalism
  • Policy Analysis
  • Politics
  • Publishing
  • Social Work

Career Oppertunity for: